Class Piano, General Music, Orchestra/Strings

World History & Geography

English II, Honors English II

Educational Assistant SPED

Assistant Track Coach

Girls' Tennis Coach

English III, Honors English III, English IV

Eng I, H Eng I, Inc Eng I, ATL - Reg Eng I

Boys Head Wrestling Coach

Geometry, Focused Math

Split Secondary Student Intervention Specialist

Food Services Assistant

Educational Assistant--SPED

Technology Integration Coach

Physical Education Teacher

Educational Assistant

Honors English III, AP Language, AP Literature

US History & Geography, AP US History

Administrative Assistant/Counseling Center, Transcripts

Administrative Assistant/Registrar

English II, English II Honors

Assistant Principal, Sophomores, Athletic Director

Director of Instrumental Music (Band & Guitar)

Educational Assistant--SPED

Teaching as a Profession

Choral Director, Piano

World History & Geography, Contemporary Issues

Assistant Wrestling Coach

Assistant Principal, Seniors, Criminal Justice Academy, AVID

ISS, Head Football Coach

Split Administrative Assistant

Educational Assistant

Human Anatomy and Physiology, Physical Science

Assistant Track Coach

Assistant Basketball Coach

Physical Education, Lifetime Wellness

Statistics, Math Reasoning for Decision I & II

Algebra II, Honors Algebra II, Mathematical Reasoning

Dual Enrollment English, English IV

Media Specialist, Student Publications Adviser

Algebra I, Algebra I Honors, Precalculus, Precalculus Honors, Statistics

AVID Coordinator, AVID I, IV

SPED Science Teacher

Food Service Assistant

Algebra II, Honors Algebra II

Educational Assistant Special Populations, Head Softball Coach

AV Production II, Work-Based Learning AV, Head Flag Football Coach

School Psychologist

Visual Arts I, Visual Arts: Sculpture

AV Production I, III

Permanent Substitute

Geometry, Honors Geometry

Educational Assistant-SPED

World History & Geography, Senior Capstone

Senior Army Instructor


JROTC I Instructor, Drill Team/Color Guard Coach

Permanent Substitute, Head Baseball Coach

English I, English I Honors

World History & Geography

Food Service Assistant

Educational Assistant

Special Populations Teacher

Boys Soccer Head Coach

Physical Science, Boys Cross Country Coach, Track & Field Coach

Medical Therapeutics, WBL Medical Therapeutics

U.S. Government, AP U.S. Government

Educational Assistant

Administrative Assistant Main Office

General Music, Class Piano, Asst. Band Director

Educational Assistant

School Resource Officer

SE Modified Content Area

Algebra I, Honors Algebra I

English I, Honors English I

English Language Learners

Volleyball Coach

Biology, Honors Biology

Accounting Technician

U.S. History & Geography, U.S. Government

Visual Art I, Drawing II, Senior Class Sponsor

U.S. History & Geography, Economics

Senior Counselor/CJ Contact

Special Populations Teacher

JROTC II, Marksmanship

Assistant Volleyball Coach

Permanent Substitute Teacher

AP European History, AP Human Geography, US History & Geography, Asst. Athletic Director

School Resource Officer (SRO)

Math Transition I, II, SPED Case Manager

Aerospace, CJ Drone, WBL: Criminal Justice

Educational Assistant

Physical Education

Student Support Coordinator

Biology, Honors Biology

Visual Art I, Media Arts

School Social Worker

Physical Science, Biology, AP Biology

Biology, Honors Biology, Chemistry

Criminal Justice III, DE Criminal Justice, WBL Teaching as a Profession

Algebra II, Honors Algebra II

Freshmen Counselor/AVID, NCAA

Fundamentals of Construction, Structural Systems I, II

World History & Geography, Digital Learning

Honors Chemistry, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science

Educational Assistant-SPED

Administrative Assistant Attendance

College & Career Counselor

Business Management, Computer Applications

Chemistry, Honors Chemistry

Assistant Principal