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[email protected]931-503-1788
I love teaching at West Creek! I am so happy that I get to teach art to such a diverse group of young people. I also enjoy the privilege of working with our senior class on all of their last year activities. If I can help you or your student in any way, please do not hesitate to email me.
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Remote Learning Information

Google Class Codes

Art 1 Virtual- 4boomo3

Art 2 2nd Period- 56xiesd

Art 1 3rd Period- mkrmgqf

Art 2 5th Period- 4krforj

Art 1 6th Period- jp3i53c

Art 2 7th Period- rpqrpnn

CCR- q4qfy3y


Art Materials

Some basic supplies will be distributed a few weeks after the start of school. Additional supplies for individual projects will be handed out as the school year progresses. We ask and thank you for your flexibility during this time. 

The following basic materials are supplied for you.

Poster Portfolio (Storing and carrying work.)

Drawing Paper (9x12 and 12x18)



Pencil Sharpener

Blending Stump

Ruler (12” Clear Plastic)

Sharpie Marker (Ultra Fine and Fine Tipped)

Paint brush (Green handle #8)

The following is not supplied for virtual students:

Watercolor and Acrylic Paint 

Recommended Supplies:

Spiral sketchbook (9x12)

Shading pencils ranging from 6B to 6H

Water bottle with tight fitting lid.

Assorted Magazines

Newspaper/Tissue Paper/Packing Paper



Please check your google classroom regularly. I will use google classroom to post daily expectations. I will have pictures, videos and instructions, but regular attendance to Zoom meetings insures that students are aware of expectations. My zoom meetings open when the school schedule says class begins. Instruction time is usually the first 15 minutes. My zoom will remain open for students to ask questions and get individualized assistance.


R.I.S.E. Classroom Expectations

  • All school rules will be followed and enforced. 
  • Must use E-Hall pass to request a pass out of class. One student out of the class at a time.
  • Must wear facemask in class when moving about room, sitting in groups and/or entering or leaving the classroom.
  • Respect each other, your school, and your art.
  • Be in your seat and ready to learn when the bell rings
  • Speak at appropriate times, using appropriate language and voice.
  • Encourage your fellow classmates in a positive way... treat them fairly and nicely. This room should be a fun and comfortable place for everyone.




  1. If you or your student failed my class for N1, please email me so that we can create a grade recovery contract. This needs to be done Soon as the end date for recovery is November 13th.
  2. Student work will no longer be accepted on lined paper. There are student art packets in the front office of school for you. This includes paper that you can pick up at Any time, so when you get close to being out, please pick up more.
  3. If you are a Virtual Art 2 student, your google class codes have changed! Please find the correct class code on my site and make sure you are connected.
  4. I AM human! I do make mistakes, so parents and students that have pointed out my mistakes, thank you. I am happy to fix these mistake quickly. 
  5. Zoom meetings will now be a grade. I require an email prior to missing zoom meetings.

We are all experiencing a new way of school and it is ever changing. Thank you for being flexible with me! Thank you for learning with me! Thank you for communicating with me! This is year teaching 11 for me, and I feel like a new teacher. I know many of your students feel like they are learning a whole new way as well. So remember, we are working together!