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I support 100% graduation by openly communicating with all stakeholders what the requirements to be a successful student will be. Additionally, those students who participate in sports that I coach will understand that they are student-athletes, which means that they are students first. Hence, they will meet academic requirements that are established or they will not be able to participate. All students will have an equal opportunity to succeed.
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. All school rules will be followed and enforced.

. Respect each other, your school, and your surroundings.
. Be in your seat and ready to learn when the bell rings

. Speak at appropriate times, using appropriate language and voice.

. Any problems with classroom conduct (cooperation and on-task behavior) will follow a four step process:

  • Teacher-student talk. If this doesn't correct the problem,
  • Teacher-student talk and discussion with parents. If this doesn't correct the problem
  • Assigned detention by the teacher. If this doesn’t correct the problem,
  • Administrative Referral.