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Course Description: This course is an extensive study of the political, economic, and cultural events that have shaped American History from the period of Reconstruction to the present. Students will analyze and evaluate these events to enhance research and critical thinking skills. In addition, a rigorous and relevant curriculum will be implemented to prepare students for post-secondary study and to give students the tools to be civic minded citizens as adults.

                FOCUS: A. Analyzing Historical Documents (Primary/Secondary) and answering

Document Based Questions

  1. Interpreting Historical Based quotes, photos, diagrams, charts, and documents.
  2. Preparation for the EOC exam.


Course Level and Credit: This course is designed for Juniors.  Upon successful completion of this course, the student will receive 1 credit towards completion of high school diploma requirements.

Instructional Procedures: The methods of instruction for this course will include but are not limited to lectures, discussions, work sheets, student participation in activities, note taking, assigned reading, videos, and guest speakers.  [It is important to note that West Creek HS has high expectations for our students. We expect our students to fully participate and complete requested assignments and/or activities to more prepared for rigors of post secondary academics.]

Textbook:   “Tennessee United States History & Geography Modern Time” McGraw Hill

GRADING PROCEDURES: Grades in this course will be based on but are not limited to journals, daily assignments, projects, quizzes, tests, and/or CMCSS Benchmarks. 

Each student’s grade will be determined by the following procedure:

  • Total Points accumulated throughout the 9 weeks grading period.
  • S1: N1-40%; N2-40%;Mid Term Exam 20% S2: N3-30%; N4-30%; EOC-25%; Final Exam 15%
  • 25% Tennessee EOC [The EOC is administered in three parts. Part 1 and 2 are Multiple Choice and Part 3 is Writing Component]

A = 100-93%        B =  92-85%         C = 84-75%          D = 74-70%          F =  69-0%

MASTERY OF CONTENT: Students requiring additional academic assistance may be given additional instruction, assignment, or may be allowed to be retested to ensure mastery of content.

HOMEWORK POLICY: Homework assignments will be assigned throughout the year. Students are expected to submit homework assignments on the designated due date. Homework assignments will be graded and entered as a daily grade in Power School. Students who do not submit homework assignments on time will receive a zero for that assignment.


  • It is the responsibility of the student to ask for work missed while he/she is absent. Students have three days to make up an assignment before it is considered late.  If absent on an assignment due date, the assignment is due the day the student returns to class.
  • Make-Up Work or Late Work may be submitted but is subject to point deduction.

TARDIES: All students who are not in the classroom before the bell rings will be considered tardy to class. All school policies concerning tardiness will be followed. Students who inform the teacher that they are going to the restroom will be given one additional minute before they are considered tardy.

RESTROOM POLICY:  Students who have to go to the restroom are expected to go in between class. Students who feel they will be late to class must inform the teacher. They will have an additional minute to return to class without being considered tardy. Student will not be allowed to go to the restroom the first and last ten minutes of class. Students who are allowed to go to the restroom during class will have 5 minutes before being considered skipping.


  1. 5 Subject Spiral Notebook
  2. Loose Leaf Paper
  3. Colored Pencils
  4. Folder or Binder 1” (whatever you choose to organize your US History assignments and notes)
  5. Ear buds


  • Students seeking academic assistance may schedule an appointment.

My goal is to create an environment in which each student will learn to enjoy and appreciate US History while providing them the opportunity to develop the necessary skills and intellect to become productive, civic minded citizen.

Russell Malone/US History Teacher



What we expect our students to do as a US History student….

  1. Be on time to each class. [Tardiness will be documented and reported to parent/guardian]
  2. Be prepared with textbook, notebook, paper, pen/pencil and school issued laptop.
  3. Use the restroom before they arrive to class. [Abuse of restroom breaks will be reported to parent/guardian]
  4. Be engaged in classroom activities. Participate. Be involved. Be an active learner.
  5. Respect yourself and fellow classmates.
  6. Give an honest effort on all assignments and test.
  7. Students will receive assigned seating and remain in seat until the bell rings.
  8. Become a historian. Enjoy History. Gain an Appreciation for History

What we do not expect our student to do as a US History Student….

  1. Students are not to be using cell phones/Smart phones during class. [School policy will be followed when cell phone/Smart Phones are visible]
  2. Students are not to be talking to classmates or discussing non-US History topics while the teacher is giving instructions or teaching the class.
  3. Students are not to be using Dry Erase Markers on student desk or other classroom furniture.
  4. Students are not to copy other student’s assignments or cheat on quizzes and/or test. Students are expected to have a high level of integrity as they participate class activities.
  5. Students are not to be disrupting class during an assessment. Each test or quiz taken should be treated in the same respect as final exam, EOC, or ACT test. Please respect the testing environment when assessments are being administered.

CONSEQUENCES: Students will be expected to follow classroom/school rules and procedures.  When necessary, I will follow the steps outlined in the Student Handbook to deal with disciplinary issues.

  1. Verbal warning/Counsel/Detention
  2. Parents will be notified by email or phone when students are being disruptive or not meeting expectations.
  3. Office Referral

       NOTE:  Certain offenses may require immediate office referral.