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Hello! Welcome to the 2020-21 school year, which marks my 30th in the field of education. Last year was my second year at West Creek High School. Previously, I was at Kenwood HS for fourteen years and taught high school in Kentucky for three years. Prior to entering the realm of secondary education I taught and coached at the collegiate level at Oakland City University in Oakland City, IN, and the University of Minnesota-Morris in Morris, MN. In addition to holding a teaching license, I am a licensed practicing attorney in Clarksville, and I maintain a private investigator license and company. Education is my first career choice and love. It is an amazing feeling to work with students and watch them grow on a daily basis. One of the most enjoyable feelings is when that student who thought some concept or task was not attainable “gets it”. That look on their face, the change in their body language, and the confidence that comes as a result is amazing!
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  • Google Classroom Codes:

    1st Period Traditional Classroom – 7xgxzo4

    2nd , 4th and 6th Period Virtual Classroom – hoqujns

    3rd and 5th Period Virtual Classroom – fkjq3nw

    5th Period Traditional Classroom – 26rhzfy

  • Welcome students and parents to West Creek High School and my classroom. I have high expectations for everyone and will push everyone to reach their potential...and beyond. I won't promise that it will be easy... but I will do my best to help you (your child) be successful. 
  • Calculators….Students need to have access to a TI-84 graphing calculator or something similar, either physically or downloaded on their computer/phone.  There is an app called Wabbitemu that is available for download on computer or phone and it works EXACTLY like the TI-84 calculator.  It is FREE on Android phones.  The app for the Iphone charge a $5.00 fee, or something like that, but it is worthwhile if you can get it.
  • Internet access from home has become a necessary part of the equation, particularly for the upcoming school year, for daily learning and additional practice. If you do not have internet access at home contact the school to inquire about a hotspot. All students (if you completed appropriate paperwork) will have computer and Internet access on-site.
  • Let's talk about homework...We will have homework almost daily because math is a subject that must be practiced in order to be successful; therefore, homework grades are based on completion of the practice problems provided that the student shows all work necessary as covered in class. If your student has a zero for an assignment that means he/she just didn't even attempt it. 
    • R.I.S.E. Classroom Expectations
    • All school rules will be followed and enforced.
    • Student will be required to use E-Hall pass to request a pass out of class.
    • Facemasks shall be worn in class when social distancing of 6 feet is not possible, to include, when moving around the room, during group work, enter/leaving the classroom, and when teacher is circulating throughout the classroom.
    • Students need to be on time with appropriate materials, such as assignments, pencil, paper, computer...
    • Students are expected to be in the classroom when the bell rings to avoid being considered tardy
    • Students are expected to speak at suitable times, using appropriate language and voice.
    • Students are expected to complete daily practice work on time, as it is imperative to know and understand the material because math builds upon itself daily.
    • Students are expected to respect others and their property, including teacher, classmates and guests.
    • Students are responsible for completing all assignments they missed whenever they are absent no matter what the reason.
    • Students will follow all CDC guidelines and school policies, particularly relevant to COVID-19, including but not limited to: facemasks, 6 foot social distancing guidelines, frequent handwashing and/or use of hand sanitizer.

    It is important for all students to follow the classroom/school rules and procedures. Disruptions in the classroom not only make it difficult for the teacher to teach, they make it difficult for the other students to learn.

    In the event I am absent and a substitute is in my classroom, the same procedures and expectations apply.  If a student is disrespectful to a substitute or does not follow instructions, contact will be made with the parent and the student will be subject to consequences listed below.