April 2021 News

April 26th, 2021

2021 WCHS Parent and Student Graduation Information

2021 WCHS Parent and Student Graduation Information

General Information

***In order to participate in the graduation ceremony:

  • You must have met all graduation requirements.
  • Must be cleared of all school related debt. Checks and debit/credit cards will not be accepted after Friday, April 30th, 2021. Only cash and money orders can be used.
  • You must attend and participate in graduation practice.
  • You must purchase and wear a 2021 WCHS cap, gown and tassel.
  • Diplomas will be available for pickup May 28, June 1, June 2 from 8:00 am – 2:00 pm.

Graduation Practice

  • May 24, 7:30 AM (Last names A-G) practice for 9:00 graduation.
  • May 25, 7:30AM (Last names H-O) practice for 11:30 graduation
  • May 25, 11:00AM (Last names P-Z) practice for 2:00 graduation.
  • Must be cleared of all school related debt to participate in graduation practice.  Only cash and money orders can be used.
  • A meal will be provided prior to graduation practice.
  • Chords will be given out at practice.
  • Students will have the opportunity to leave their signature and handprint on a ceiling tile after graduation practice.
  • Transcript requests will be available. Digital copies are free, but paper copies will be $2 each.


Wednesday, May 26th at 9:00 am, 11:30 am and 2:00 pm at the APSU Dunn Center

  • All students must arrive at the Dunn Center 1 hour prior to the start of their ceremony.
  • Students need to be appropriately dressed with their cap and gown ready or on.
  • Cap and gown may NOT be decorated.
  • No guest will be allowed on the graduation floor.
  • There will be no personal items allowed on the graduation floor prior, during or after the ceremony.
  • No air horns, cell phones, purses, silly string, noise makers, beach balls or other distracting items will be allowed on the graduation floor.
  • Students should remember the serious and formal nature of the graduation ceremony.
  • Students are to remain in their seats and file out in reverse order at the end of the ceremony.

Graduation Attire:                                                          

  • Mask                                                                              
  • Dress shoes with a back
  • Dark pants with collared dress shirt and tie
  • Dark pants with a blouse
  • Dress/top must have straps
  • Dress/skirt must be at least mid-thigh
  • No flip flops
  • No shorts

Cords and Stoles

The following have been approved for graduation:

  • Honors, Highest Honors, and CMCSS Academic Awards Recipient Cords
  • Ready Graduate Cords
  • Those earned through being a member of a nationally and CMCSS recognized academic honor society; such societies are distinguishable by having a minimum academic measure for acceptance such as a required GPA.
  • Those earned by completing a course of study as a member of one of the CMCSS High School Academies.
  • Those earned by having successfully completed JROTC for the duration of their high school career.
  • Those earned by successfully completing the Gold Standard of the CMCSS Work Ethic Distinction.
  • The following sashes or stoles may be worn:
    • Those affiliated with the enlistment of a military service branch.
    • Those earned by completing the associate degree pathway at Middle College.
  • In compliance with State Board Policy, a volunteer pin recognizing students with 10 hours of community service for each semester of high school may be worn.


**If you have an issue with the appropriate dress for graduation, please contact Ms. Schmucker ([email protected]) or an administrator.

April 19th, 2021

Senior T-Shirts for Sale

 Click here to Purchase a Senior Class Shirt

April 14th, 2021

Game on: WCHS senior turns video games into college scholarships

Students have a new rationale for playing so many video games – college scholarships. While the awareness of e-sports scholarships is relatively new, the potential looms large. High school students have the opportunity to earn thousands of dollars in scholarships for e-sports from reputable colleges and universities across the country.

Hunter Fecteau, a senior at West Creek High School, is proof as he boasts not only top-notch academics but also nearly $35,000 in scholarship offers from three different colleges to join their e-sports teams.

The process for e-sports recruitment is in line with traditional sports. “I had a Be Recruited profile where I play sports. [The colleges] took notice,” said Hunter.

The benefit to the colleges and universities is akin to traditional athletic incentives – recognition and achievement. Enrollment is always top of mind for higher education, and reaching future students can be tricky.

With this in mind, universities are targeting students in their arena. College students represent their schools in national competitions and regional match-ups. Top performers earn notoriety while the school is afforded grassroots marketing to potential future students.

However, it does come with a balance as students must still possess other competencies and requirements necessary to a successful college career. “They are not looking for players who are the best of the best,” said Hunter. “They want to help people get through college if needed.”

For Hunter, his aspirations for gaming do not stretch beyond simply being a lucrative hobby. “I want to be a medical oncologist,” he said. The three colleges he’s considering have partnerships with medical schools.

As he navigated his junior and senior years of high school amid a pandemic, the e-sports club at West Creek High allowed Hunter an active opportunity to connect safely with other students. The club is only in its second year but already has amassed a large following. “We just encourage each other,” he explained when reflecting on their past season. “The club gave me something to do, something to look forward to.”

Mr. Zacharias, the club sponsor and cybersecurity teacher at West Creek, agrees with the sentiment. “Probably 70% of the conversations that go on in the server are not about video games,” he said, explaining how the students will connect through the school’s private Discord group. Video games were the common connection that brought the students together. “It opens the door to find people with similar interests.”

Principal Matt Slight was the catalyst for creating the club. He saw the benefit both inside and outside of the classroom that e-sports could bring to students. Mr. Zacharias agrees the students continue to see growth through participation. They develop life skills such as teamwork while playing together. “When I go and spectate, hearing them communicate at the moment, it’s all about leadership.”

For students interested in joining the club, Mr. Zacharias emphasizes, “Don’t put yourself into a situation where your academics are at risk. No matter the athlete, academic standards are important.”

Hunter insists the entire process would not have been possible without the support of his family, too. “My dad was with it all the way. My mom supports me. [They would say] ‘Whatever decisions you make, were going to be backing you.’ If it weren’t for them, it wouldn’t be easy, and the decision would be much harder.”

Like every soon-to-be graduate, Hunter still feels those pangs of self-doubt. The real world is fast approaching, and he’s hesitant. “I am just scared to graduate. Scared to move on, I know it’s going to hit me that I won’t be here.”

Teachers at CMCSS actively prepare their students for college and career. “We have no choice but to embrace [technology],” said Mr. Zacharias. “We won’t reach our students if we don’t embrace technology. It’s the only life they’ve known.” In 2020, CMCSS introduced 1:1 technology for all K-12 students. Teachers incorporate technology into daily instruction. “To connect with our students, we have to speak their language. Their language is technology.”

April 6th, 2021

Month of the Military Child

April is the . West Creek High School’s student population is over 50% military-connected. Thanks to the effort of our Military Family Life Counselor, Mr. Matthew Chingren, and our outstanding JROTC Department we will have the Month of the Military Child Spirit Week April 5th through the 9th. Each day of the week will have a special theme and all students, traditional, virtual, military-connected or not are encouraged to participate. To close, West Creek would like to say thank you to those who served in the US Armed Forces. Your commitment and sacrifice are greatly appreciated and thank you to the spouses, relatives, and children in our military families who also sacrifice to serve the cause.

April 5th, 2021

AVID & ATL Papa John’s

Support our AVID and ATL Academies by purchasing lunch or dinner from Papa John’s on Tuesday, April 13th at the Tiny Town Location.  20% of your order will be donated back to these programs.  You can order on your Papa John’s APP, or call 931-245-7272, or order online at Papajohns.com.  Use Promo code WCHS. 

April 5th, 2021

TNReady Testing Schedule

TNReady Assessments are April 12 through April 23.  Out of an abundance of caution the assessment days have been split between our virtual and traditional students.  Attached you will find our 9th-11th grade assessment schedule.  Students will report to the building on the day they have a class listed on the schedule.  Students that do not have a class listed for testing will be learning remotely.  We have provided a key at the bottom of the schedule to assist you if needed.  You will also find a bell schedule listed.  Please note teachers will have instruction and work posted for students on their non-testing days.  Buses will be running for traditional and virtual students on their respective assessment days.  All 9th – 11th grade students will be emailed a copy of this schedule.  The schedule can also be found on our Facebook page.  If you have any questions, please contact our front office at 931-503-1788.


April 5th, 2021

Dance Team Hosting Auditions

West Creek Dance Team is hosting open auditions, every Monday or Thursday from 2:45 pm ~ 3:45 pm by appointment, for the 2021-2022 Dance Team. Complete the Tryout packet to book your appointment.
Requirements to Audition are the following:
-Complete the Tryout Packet via Google Forms (https://forms.gle/YFckVqFtzCzBmUjE8)
-Have a sports physical (forms available in the front office)
-Perform “Fight Song” sideline routine
-Prepare and perform a routine to school appropriate song of your choosing, length to be between one to two minutes
If you have any questions you can email Coach Lisa @ [email protected]

April 5th, 2021

Senior Baby Pictures & Formal Senior Pictures for Slideshow Due 4/9/2021

All pictures for the graduation senior slide show are due to Mrs. Holliday by this Friday, April 9th at 2:40 pm.  Baby pictures and formal pictures for seniors who did not take a yearbook picture can be emailed to [email protected] or turned in to the library. Contact Mrs. Holliday with any questions.

April 5th, 2021

Yearbooks Still on Sale!

Yearbooks are still available for purchase on www.Jostens.com for $85.  Payment plans are available online but those yearbooks will not be given out until they are paid in full. Contact Mrs. Holliday with any questions.